Sustainability at Seminyak

Bali is an amazingly beautiful island with a fantastic flora and wildlife. A stunning place on earth and a place worth preserving.

Seminyak means earth in Sanskrit. For Villa Seminyak sustainability means taking responsible for the world we are living in today and to secure it for the next generation.

In Bali today water and electricity is a shortage. The tourism industry consumes a large portion, which affect the local population negatively. Villa Seminyak takes action and we hope our guests will share this way of thinking with us. Below are some of the actions.

To reduce electricity consumption:

  • Air condition attracts a tremendous amount of electricity, we have therefore installed high quality AC fans with a remote control making it easier for our guests to timing the consumption. Our wish is that the guests only have the AC on when being in the bedroom.
  • Only LED lighting is used in all Villa Seminyak lamps.
  • To reduce electricity consumptions Villa Seminyak only have one TV, placed in the living area.

To reduce water consumptions:

  • Only high quality low-flush toilets are installed.
  • Inform the guests about their ability to influence whether their towels should be washed daily or less frequently.
  • Installed a water dispenser to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles.
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